Friday, August 22, 2008

More Endorsements

“Vaus weaves together the wonder Lewis discovers about the world with the biographical details that form him as the beloved author of Narnia. This book will be the spark for many young readers that will light up their imaginations about the professor that wrote for them.”

Zach Kincaid
Editor of the blog
Director of The Matthew’s House Project (

“The Professor of Narnia presents the remarkable and inspiring, true story of C.S. Lewis, the most important and influential Christian writer of modern times. This charming and insightful book guides the reader through Lewis’s life, ideas, and bountiful work and explains how one of the greatest scholars of the 20th Century came to faith and then lived a life of service,humility, insight, wit, and immense impact worldwide. This book will enrich everyone, including the young reader, who has come to love The Chronicles of Narnia, and has wondered about its origin, meaning and author.”

David J. Theroux
President, C.S. Lewis Society of California
President, The Independent Institute

“The Professor of Narnia provides a coherent overview of the life of C.S. Lewis for younger readers, and will also be of use to older enthusiasts who will appreciate this thoughtful and chronological retelling of Jack’s story set against the background of the Narnian tales.”

Dan Hamilton
Author of the “Forgotten God” trilogy
Co-author of In Pursuit of C.S. Lewis

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